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    Lab-Volt / LabVolt 8911-10 Electro-Dynamometer / EMS Electromechanical Training System

    Part Number: sku8156
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    Product Description


    The Model 8911 Electrodynamometer is equipped with a clear plastic faceplate fitted with a chrome piano hinge. It can be coupled to a 0.2-kW drive motor through the use of the Timing Belt (Model 8942- available). The faceplate can be lowered to provide access to the inside for coupling the Electrodynamometer to the drive motor. When closed, the faceplate is secured by two quick-lock fasteners. The Electrodynamometer is made of a squirrel-cage rotor fitted in a DC-excited stator. Mechanical loading is achieved by increasing the stator field current, which generates eddy currents in the driven rotor. The stator is trunnion-mounted on ball bearings and rotates against a helicoidal spring to oppose braking torque. The front end bell is provided with a circular scale that indicates the torque developed. Electrodynamometer is electrically powered from standard fixed AC line supply.

    Lab-Volt Mechanical Loads

    The Lab-Volt 0.2-kW EMS Mechanical Loads can be used to load the 0.2-kW EMS motors. They are housed in full-size EMS modules which are constructed of heavy gauge steel finished in baked enamel, and, in the case of Model 8911, equipped with a clear plastic faceplate. All electrical components are terminated on the faceplate
    by 4 mm color-coded safety banana jacks (Model 8911). The 0.2-kW Mechanical Loads can also operate as dynamometers to measure the load torque which they produce. They have been carefully designed to directly
    indicate the torque developed by 0.2-kW EMS motors under normal load, overload, and starting conditions.


    8911-10 = Torque Range: -0.3 to +3 N-m, English

    *Spec sheet available upon request



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