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    Wandel & Goltermann DA-30C Internetwork Analyzer, Color (In Stock) z1

    Part Number: sku5653
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    Product Description

    The DA-30C is a complete network analysis system in one box that combines power and flexibility. This portable and rugged analyzer decodes protocols at all seven layers, interfaces to LANs, FDDI, WANs, ISDN, ATM and provides dual, simultaneous analysis of mixed topologies. It offers a multi-slot backplane that accepts up to four interfaces. Additionally, the DA-30 generates and receives traffic simultaneously and provides analysis at high frame rates.

    • User Interface CPU: 486SX/33 MHz fully AT compatible
    • Memory: Onboard 8 MB RAM
    • Storage: 2.5 inch hard drive 160 MB Standard 3.5 inch 1.44 MB diskette drive
    • Display: 4096 color 9.5 inch TFT LCD Super VGA (640x480) simultaneous LCD and VGA operation
      Network Interfaces (with optional modules):
    • LAN: IEEE 802.3/Ethernet (Thick and Thin) IEEE 802.5/Token Ring (4 & 16 Mbps) FDDI
    • WAN: X.21/V.11 V.24/V.28/RS232 V.35/V.28 V.36/RS449 T1 E1 ISDN HSSI/Multi-WAN DS3/ATM

      BN9315/01: DA-30C Version
      BN9305/00-26 Protocol Analyzer Module
      BN9305/00-08 Ethernet (IEEE802.3) Interface
      BN9305/90-49 HSSI Multiwan Interface V.28/V.28
      BN9305/90-46 DS3 Cell Interface / ATM Line Interface with LED Overlay & Uni 9 Wrench
      BN9305/90-6 Broadband Analyzer Module (Qty 2)
      DA3-X Launch PadSoftware Pre-installed




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