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Edmund Optics NT30-933 Tech Spec Reflective Neutral Density Filter - BRAND NEW/NOS

Part Number: sku3407
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Product Description

These filters have constant density values across the surface, while their transmission to reflection ratio varies with density. In stacks, the total density is the sum of each filters density. ND filters are used primarily for the attenuation of light over a wide spectral range. They are often used in laser and photometer applications, where excessive power can cause damage or inaccurate results. Orient mirrored side toward source at 0 angle of incidence.

    SPECIFICATIONS(Common to ALL NT30 Series Filters):
  • Material: Soda Lime Glass
  • Dimensional Tolerance: +0.02"
  • Design Wavelength: 400nm - 700nm
  • Parallelism: <=3 arc min.
  • Thickness: 0.0625" (1.6mm)
  • Neutral Density: +5% of density
  • Coating: First surface inconel

  • Diameter (mm): 25
  • Optical Density : 0.3
  • Transmission (%): 50